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Important Messages

New Regulation with immediate effect, 7th Jan 2014 SOB shipments to Colombo / Sri Lanka from any POL

Recapping our various mails on the above cited subject. Attached herewith the Gazette notification, which is self explanatory, which will help you to educate all your shippers the new regulation implemented by the Sri Lankan Government. Please recheck with carriers the new freight rate levels and regulations for clarity before booking and would appreciate if you could share same. According to new law Carriers/Forwarders cannot charges Colombo THC, Washing, BAF,CAF,ISPS, Status Change, Liner Chargers, Service Charge,Transport, Over Weight, Over Height, Over Gaged, Long Length, DG Surcharge, POL CFS Handling, or by any other description apart from (Freight & Delivery Order Fees) all charges has to be consolidated and charged as "Freight" at the POL or POD for CIF or FOB shipments both. BAZ Global, being a forwarder/Consolidator is now not allowed to charge the Consignees any of the above charges. All charges has to be consolidated and charged as only "Freight" in case of FOB or CIF at POL or POD + a Delivery order fee up on finalization by the associations for CIF/FOB Shipments. Apart from "Freight" For CIF/ FOB Shipments, only a D.O fee could be charged which will be "FIXED" around USD 30 to USD 50 which is yet to be finalized and implemented by the associations concerns as per the attached circular.

Port to Port Shipment

You can monitor shipment via our website www.mfcl2000.com by key in the HBL No or to contract our destination Delivery Agents, full style address which was show on the Bill of Lading. At once the B/L is being issued by load ports, you are able to retrieve the information and well as copy of non negotiable bill of lading can be printed out at Agent office, so that you will be able to get the import documentation ready for delivery. There are standard local charges relating to your shipment need to be paid upon arrival, the related charges will be detailed in our agent invoice to you, in case of any doubt you can refer to load for verification.

Door to Door Shipment

It have been agreed between the Carrier and Shipper to on forward and deliver the goods to Consignee door, however door delivery charges was agreed and paid up to Consignee door step only, this don’t mean to include supply of mechanical equipments or manpower to lift the cargoes, unless otherwise stated. If our service is required, additional cost shall be agreed upon by the Consignee and is to be made prior of delivery made. No local charges is needed to pay upon arrival, except Customs Duties and Port Store Rent if consignee failed to provide sufficient information on time and delay of documentation for preparation of importation may be resulted extra cost incurred shall be recovered from cargoes owner. Consignee may refer to Shipper for verification.

Quarantine Requirement

With effective from 01 July 2010, any wooden packing material is required fumigation, full details of procedure can be download from our website – Port New.